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Hi there! Thanks for visiting our space :)

My son and I created this blog to tell stories about ourselves, our extended tribe and the landscape that lies ahead in our mind's eye

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Feeling safe to be vulnerable and seeing how the world is changing, we wanted a space that was designed to share and connect authentically.

This is a platform for conversations, musings and open dialogue on how to be together.

A thought catalog on family, relationships and connections  for the modern age

Reflecting on daily habits and routines with Empathy

Encouraging Mindfulness through observation of one another's personal boundaries and emotional spirit

Our logo redirects the tumult that surrounds our daily habits and inner fears.


The spheres encompass a watering hole for diverse voices, creative ideating
and honest conversations that will build a community


Rather than push away these fears, we encourage ourselves and others to embrace
the chaos through communication.

We hope that our stories will resonate with your own experiences.


Join us as we navigate Communication with Calm and Compassion

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