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Cleaning out Corners

Pivoting from the inside out: Or is it the other way around?

Slow Down and Detox

As the weeks dragged into months we faced a new reality. Time slowed down and took on a surreal quality as outside and inside realities melded together. Overwhelmed with emotions like fear, worry and uncertainty our minds became toxic entities. Led by a cloudy mind the body followed suit. Taking stock I like many of you have come to realize that the only recourse is to cleanse and detox. A personal and collective opportunity to face the challenge before us with a major overhaul.

Emotional Cleanse

While we are aware that less stress is our goal our own perception of the challenge at hand, the monumental task to refurbish the mind and in turn energize the body - are all rather overwhelming. Given this reality it is OK to acknowledge that there will be many a misstep as one embarks towards #emotional cleanse. But it is OK to feel two contrary things at the same time. But feel we must and act we must.

Mine usually starts on a more banal note with cleaning out closets, setting out multiple bags for donation and labeling my spice rack for the ninth time. In short starting in the opposite direction! An expected byproduct - a more organized home amidst the swirling chaos. But don't falter and don't give up - it is hard - so be kind to yourself and those around you who may struggle with it too. Every baby step counts, needs to be acknowledged and applauded.

Productive or Not Productive

Emotional cleansing is an amazing tool that can be as impressive and immediate as a physical detox. The devices are different. To restore oneself one needs to be kind, gracious, resourceful and more forgiving - while a Vitamix or any other juicer serves well for the other cleanse. The process is still not easy - to be truly productive - one has to persist, remain resolute and not stray. Easier said than done. There is a minefield of distractions littered on the pathway to Nirvana. Stalking other people's social media posts, finding fulfillment in humdrum tasks around the home, resorting to busy chores to filling the hours or just simple procrastination. But having resolved to undertake this journey - let's not waver, lets gather our community, shore up our inner self, seek the guiding light and move forward. I need crutches - my family from whom I draw strength, my closest friends with whom I can be real and my thought diary where I pour my fears - with this trifecta I am golden.

Find your tribe. Look beyond the trees - there is a new world waiting - a new awakening - scary but exciting, challenging but calm, imperfect but promising.

Lets link hands and take a leap of faith .

We are stronger together


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