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Board Game Renaissance

The Timeless Appeal of this social interaction

Back to the Board

The art of play is intrinsic to human interaction. Throughout the centuries, society has flourished with the craft of games, since they form the skein of our social and cultural framework. Board games are that wonderful bridge that foster communal interaction, teaching life skills under the guise of sports. Once considered old fashioned and a thing of the past, in recent times, this industry is burgeoning with renewed initiatives as it makes a roaring comeback.

Ditching digital screens, there has been a resurgence in board and family games as folks are gathering together once more to spend time together, equipped with some basic rules that employ skill, strategy and concentration. Filling the hours of leisure as a “fun activity” is quickly becoming a favorite. Unlike video games, board games speak a universal language that makes connections across generations easy, fun and treasured. Like so many returning trends this one continues to gain momentum.

Forward & Future Thinking

There has been an explosion in the variety and quality of board games. This comeback can be attributed to independent game designers and publishers contributing fresh ideas and innovations to the board game industry. Diversification has generated a gamut of themes, genres and mechanics. Board games range from strategy, intellectual stimulation, storytelling, puzzles, drawing, co-operative games, cards, suiting a broad spectrum of interests.

According to the Strategist, here is a selection of the top ten best fast paced strategy based games for Adults. “Raccoon Tycoon” is a strategy game for connoisseurs. “Just One” is word association game which is highly addictive. “Monikers” is great for pop culture enthusiasts. “Telestrations” is the best drawing focused board game for both kids and adults, while “Dutch Blitz is for Solitaire fans. “ “Wavelength” is for those who love Magic, while “Wingspan” is best illustrated and for those interested in birds. “Bohnanza” is best faced paced card game, while “Quacks of Quedlinburg” is a push your luck style game. “Pandemic” which involved battling a fictional pandemic is a stellar co-operative game.

The timeless appeal of games begins with early education, helping participants develop essential cognitive, social and emotional skills. Board Games provide a valuable platform for children to learn, grow and flourish.

Universal Appeal

Face to face, gathering around a table, engaged in friendly competition, sharing laughter and exchanging conversation – creates a memorable and unique experience. In contrast to video and online games, board games require physical interaction. Board games brings people together, facilitating interaction with one another - a true ice breaker. Highly adaptable, they work in different scenarios, game nights at a family gathering, team building at work or get together with friends, providing a shared experience, bonding and forging relationships.

Undeniably beneficial for children, board games also hold appeal for adults. Indeed, in recent years, developers have created games targeted specifically for adult players. Driven by the need to unplug and be offline, board games offer a break from technology. The tactile experience is hugely gratifying and engaging.  With their unique ability to promote learning as well as provide fun, board games offer a change of pace that harks back to a time that is different from today's fast-paced digital world.


Readers, are you tempted to be charmed by a board game and embark on a memorable adventure together? Rediscover your childhood, with it the joy of face -to-face interaction, getting swept up in cognitive fun. Share your stories, I am eager to read them.

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