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Breakfast - This Champion Meals' Many New Iterations

Healthy breakfasts offers an array of exciting options these days

Making time for Breakfast

Even though we all know that breakfast is the important meal that fuels our day, the meal that gets our body and brain ready to soar, so many of us rush through it, skip it altogether, stuff ourselves with useless calories or overload with caffeine and later wonder why we don't get the jumpstart we need to keep going? So as another day dawns and you scan these drool worthy pictures ask yourself this question: are you consuming a healthy breakfast or reverting to gulping a bowl of cereal first thing or is it just a slice of toast ? Healthy breakfast foods have expanded and exploded to many delicious, tasty and varied options that are outfitted to cater to every food palette.

'Pl'ating good choices

As a wellness coach who observes eating breakfast like exercising, if you make room for it in the morning, you'll look and feel great throughout the day! This makes it even more essential to make good, healthy choices. To help with blood sugar management, metabolism and managing weight, it is important not to consume empty calories so it is no wonder that eggs have made a comeback as a “quintessential” breakfast food. Following a close second are nuts and seeds which contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making a great addition to breakfast and can be added to oatmeal, smoothies and yogurt or even eaten on the go!

Veggies are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and can be added to eggs, smoothies and whole grain toast to create a wholesome breakfast. Fresh fruits are not far behind and these can be added to oatmeal, eaten by themselves or added to smoothies or shakes. Homemade muffins, oatmeal bars, precooked oats in Instant pots as well as Yogurt or smoothie parfait with granola, fruits, oats or chia seeds depending on your imagination all offer yummy options for breakfast. Check out new breakfast recipes here.

World without borders

Breakfast foods around the globe are as different as the ethnicities that span the world. They are grounded in the local, authentic traditions of each nation and offer a diverse glimpse of their rich culinary history.

In Singapore, breakfast is serious business and open-air food courts are always open for business. It's common to see hungry people scooping up bowls of savory curry noodles first thing in the morning. The Swiss frequently stick to quick but filling breakfasts like the traditional birchermüesli, the granola-style blend of oats with fruit and nuts that's usually served over thick yogurt.

In different parts of India breakfasts can range from fluffy Idlis to delicious Poha ( middle picture above) to filling Parathas to steamed Dhokla. For those who love grain bowls, avocado and other savory toasts, Australia's "brekkie" will be a match made in heaven. While a typical Italian breakfast can range from croissants and crepes to brioche and biscotti and even Frittata. The traditional French bistro breakfast is light, sweet, and typically includes both coffee and chocolate - only they could get away with including cafe au lait, to French croissants, sweet pastries and count it as morning fare at its best.

Breakfast's mutability is not just limited to its menu but also its timings, possibly in more households than my own! Choices being what they are, healthy, hearty and nourishing in my household they are eaten for brunch, lunch and even dinner. The rule is there are no rules!

We are stronger together

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