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Children can be parents too - what they teach us

Powerful life lessons we can adopt and adapt from these tiny powerhouses

Step into their world

Adults are complicated, grown ups who have forgotten to be children. Children have the most amazing ability to scatter their zest for life, joy and smiles all around. They are curious, eager, direct, energetic and perfect examples of free, unfettered dose of daily entertainment. We have so much to learn from them, if only we could be more childlike we would realize that they can teach us so much for someone so young. Children have an instinctive ability to live and thrive, be transparent and sincere, as well as unafraid and unconventional. If we could mirror many of these qualities, our own world view would be completely distinctive, appealing and less stressful.

Live & Love Fearlessly

Our experiences would be so bountiful if we never curbed our excitement over love, jobs, friends, adventure and every achievement big or small would count for something. Not being afraid like children would make us fearless to try new things and we would never let questions hold us back - we would take risks be they personal or professional. Children bounce back easily adjusting well to change. If only we adults could adopt this approach, we could make our lives so much easier as we smoothly transition through the variations that come our way.

Children are usually friendly and open minded, engaging with one another without preconceived notions, if only we could remain non judgmental in our relationships and interactions. Children expend energy every waking minute and never tire of questioning everything, soaking up new ideas, thoughts and actions. They forge ahead excitedly with raw confidence, always on the ready for what the day brings. If, as adults we can mimic children we would never lack for confidence or energy. Instead, excitement along with motivation would become the driving force behind achieving our dreams. Spurred by confidence we would go with the flow, listening to what our heart tells us.

Pix Credit: Mehul Memories Studio

Imagine & Believe

No one can beat kids when it comes to imagination. They can turn the most innocuous item into a toy, tell the most inventive stories, imagine the biggest dreams and believe all of it, such is the gigantic scale of their tiny mind. Why do we lose this ability to convention, morality and tradition as we grow older? Let us all take a pledge to preserve these amazing inborn skills even as we grow older to keep ourselves creative, confident, forward thinking, positive, caring, fearless, open minded and helpful.

Adulthood is serious business and comes with it's own set of responsibilities which cannot be discounted. It is real life. However, I still wish I didn't lose the childlike qualities that make me special along the way and I am eager to consciously make it a part of my life again. I hope many of you are willing to join me in this priceless endeavor. “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” said Lady Bird Johnson, that can remain our motto for Life.

We are stronger together

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