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Connecting through Distancing

Social Media and feelings of isolation

Facing a New Paradigm

Today's world makes it easy to connect. Email, texts, phone calls, social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Podcasts, Snapchat, countless apps to date, track health, finances, reading, music, shopping lists and just about every activity known to humankind.

Something is still missing...

Is it the human touch, the skin to skin, the nuance that can only be judged when face to face? Simply put human beings are not meant to live as avatars on digital social platforms but as real, imperfect, palpitating but genuine beings.

Redefining New Realities

Men, women and children for most parts want to be free to move about as they wish, feel the sun on their faces, take a walk in the rain, feel the sand under their toes. The insidious onset of the #Coronavirus has put a stop to all that. Redefining realities has become a real thing as many of us are struggling with it - even as the days and weeks blur quickly like water swirling down the drain.

It is challenging to find ways to connect, make meaningful links and create engagements that will stand the test of time. The question that is arising is: will relationships stand the test of the #Coronavirus upheaval ? Committed family equations, couples who recognize that they are in for the long haul and friendships which have weathered storms will they survive this pandemic even as they stumble through rough terrains.

Families that fearlessly ventured far and wide in search of education, research, social and paid work - now may involuntarily take a step back! Travel is restricted, overshadowed by fear of venturing out on the open skies and being cloistered in closed cabins. Distance has become a chasm now - where families might miss milestone events like weddings, births, graduations and just being there for one another. Where earlier one could not wait to leave one's home town to conquer the world, now remaining local might be considered "cool".

The Hope Gene

Everywhere we are inundated with positive messages of hope. Of counting our blessings and being just plain being grateful. Gratitude is a powerful tool and and should not discount it. But the hope gene doesn't take root or sprout that easily in every human heart. Hemmed by physical confinement, deprived of outdoor oxygen and sunlight, bombarded by contrary data - many find themselves swinging between extreme emotions.

Let us collectively vow instead to work that muscle, exercise it every day, nurture it diligently, indulge it's whims but be steely in our resolve that we must face the sun and look to a brighter future. For Mankind has faced and fought every battle and scourge and the majority have survived. With every trembling breadth we must reinforce our tribe and foster our community - alone we may fear but together we can conquer everything.

We are stronger together


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