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Constructing Self Discovery - one syllable at a time

Celebrating the First anniversary of my Blog - an applause to my readers and how the pandemic has transformed us

Doors are opening

In our part of the world cities are reopening, lockdowns are lifting and we can glimpse a return to normalcy. But the shadow of the pandemic will never be entirely lifted. It is imprinted into our psyche, given us new range of vocabulary and transformed our lives in many ways not all of which is bad. Living out the quarantine as a global community for an extended period has afforded us a rare and never before opportunity to reflect on our lives, our priorities and potentially reset them. A collective self discovery journey like none other. A re-examination of considerations that bear weight in our lives, for the things that matter and what we hold dear.

For many that has resulted in reduction in consumerism. A return to basics with the tumultuous times teaching us to live with less, and an intrinsic understanding that material things do not matter as much and that instant gratification is not the name of the game. Yet another valuable takeaway has been from social distancing. The enhanced sense of isolation has underscored the merit of relationships and prioritized the strength and camaraderie family and friends bring to one another. This generation's global health crisis has revealed to us how truly interconnected we all are and awakened in us a need to engage with one another in more positive and meaningful ways. Attempting to find purpose and meaning, droves are drawn to and engaged in social activism, donating to deserving causes and consciously adopting actions that make the world a better place. Looking back it seems that the world has begun a journey to reset itself....

My personal Self discovery

I was no different, how would I not be affected by this gigantic swathe that swept everyone off their mental and physical equilibrium? The pandemic gave me time. Time to pause. To reflect. To question. As life came to a screeching halt I asked myself what is really significant if everything just stops. To ponder what gives meaning beyond the mundane. What would define me beyond my role as a woman, a wife, a mother and a person who performed everyday chores. Initially, frighteningly, I drew a blank. For we identify with all the roles we adopt and not with who we really are. But as I persevered, the syllables rose to the surface, rescuing me, emerging through the distant mist. In the oh so distant past. I had been a writer, a poet even, but all that was forgotten, buried in the over-committed humdrum of the scheduled life I led. I felt both exhilarated and frightened at the thought of writing again. But even those fears soon vanished as the pieces of the puzzles began to meld together and soon the Blog was born. A living, vibrant space to focus, reflect, breathe, share and just be.

Future Perfect

As I celebrate the first anniversary of my Blog, I've given it the sparkle of it's own domain name: (searchable on Google, so thrilling!) I am filled with gratitude. My first thanks goes to you all, my readers, my wonderful interactive community that makes me visible, viable and holds me accountable! As I string the words together in front of the glowing screen every week, searching for meaningful topics that will resonate, I am spurred on by the thought that readers will breathe life into it. We share an intangible relationship, drawing strength, sustenance and creativity with one another. May our bond grow stronger, deeper and continue to endure.

Ironically it has been both a penance and a pleasure to write so regularly. A true journey of self discovery as I delve into my inner imaginative recess to find the right words, the nuances and the motif to give life to yet another layer. Being committed has been a true blessing for myself and my creativity. Writing has given me a sense of discipline, causing a sensation of peace to wash over me, even as I wrestle with my concepts. It feels almost meditative. something like a flow state. I have come to realize this past year as with so much in life, doing is better than being perfect.

We are stronger together



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