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Daily Downtime - committing to it by disconnecting

Finding ways everyday to rest and recharge

Making Time

Most of us are constantly searching for tools and apps to be more productive, more effective and to get more done in a day. Success is measured by how scheduled and booked our calendars are, little realizing that to sustain our productivity, maintaining a better work life balance and to keep from burning out, we need to prioritize some daily downtime. Similar to maintaining a piece of equipment, we need to take steps to function smoothly, stay on course with our goals and optimize our creative output.

Making daily downtime a way of life leads not only to personal fulfillment, but also spills

over into the work arena, making us more productive and effective. Given the plugged in age we live in, this has to be a conscious decision. There are a number of documented benefits to giving our brain downtime and rest. Research has indicated that downtime leads to significant improvements in cognizant adherence to creativity, motivation, performance, attention, judgement and clarity of decision making and thought.

Intentional Activity, Short Breaks

Experts have spoken of the importance of taking short vacation breaks and engaging in intentional activities on a regular basis to disconnect from the demands of household and work routine. This level of engagement does not have to be extravagant or expensive. It can be simple and done in small chunks of time. But it needs to be consistent and constant. Spending part of everyday doing simple things like a device free dinner, or eating together at the dining table rather than in front of the TV. Reading a book instead of browsing Instagram, even trivia night, a movie, in a word dedicating oneself to an activity that keeps one fully present and engaged.

Restful sleep is another key component of adopting this lifestyle. Health professionals have long-advised that getting regular amount of sleep every night, is what keeps us feeling truly rejuvenated. Adopting a nightly routine, disconnecting from screens and TVs before bedtimes, writing a journal and some meditation are all suggestions that have worked for many of us.

Recharge & Renew

In today’s fast-paced world, being busy is worn as a badge of honor. But this also means, we are working all day, eating on the run, constantly feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. As our body protests and minds are fatigued, we need to change our pace and rest, recharge and renew.

Scheduling some downtime, we need to use it for personal well being. Incorporating some everyday exercise routines like stretching, deep breathing and walking can make us instantly feel a sense of upliftment. Rather than focusing on the future, letting go of the past and living in the present moment, gives us huge payoffs. I have found great joy and fulfillment in maintaining a Gratitude dairy. It gives me motivation and energy to move forward. Many others have found it useful to jot down their list of accomplishments. Social Media is a double edged sword. everyone's lives seem so perfect and happy - even though they rarely are. Feeling like we have to keep up with "everyone" can be exhausting, pointless and even meaningless. Disconnecting is empowering and rewarding.

Life is about experiencing new things, learning and growing. In solitude and self reflection we can clear our minds and recharge our brains. Don't let technology limit our vision, our mental health or engagement with each other.

We are stronger together


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