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De-constructing Your Job During Uncertain Times

Navigating the continued challenges of working from home, away from home and everything in between

Those of us who are lucky enough to have a job during these inherently strange times have to first acknowledge that we may not always be on the top of our game. As summer slips into fall and the realization creeps in that these trying times are going to stretch into the next year - there are many challenges looming ahead. How to lower the risk of burnout at work, in what manner to steer the demands of virtual schooling for the working parents and still remain productive. How do we find ways to stay safe during the fall if you work outside the home or if the children have to attend schools and colleges?

These unprecedented times have created the biggest strain on the work environment, in turn bleeding into the privacy of our homes and families since so many of us are working remotely from home.

Finding Meaning in Work

Telecommuting has proved to be a boon for productivity, but it has also tested us in ways we had not imagined before. Distractions from pets, children and technology are draining when stretched over a prolonged period of time. The blurred lines within the family structure of work and home life, a place we traditionally shed our outside roles, is going to forever be the legacy of this current crisis.

Paradoxically, within the confined physical space we are also fighting isolation fatigue, the lack of interaction of colleagues and socialization, so it is hard to stay focused, productive and positive.

Given all this, if we have to survive, we have to find meaning in our work by framing the conversation in a different context. Despite the uncertain times, we must seek the sun, find positivity, meaning and joy in our work. If we transform ourselves to be more resilient, we will feel more productive, less burnout and see ourselves as ambassadors instead of mere employees. We have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our roles and regain the agility necessary to rebound with strength when the economy recovers and we can go back to our regular roles.

Redefining Jobs

The #Corona crisis is redefining jobs globally, across companies and in our homes. Business models are being altered by companies and this is trickling down to every household. Parents are turning teachers, teachers are becoming virtual instructors, libraries and senior centers are creating volumes of virtual programs, many working at home without the expansive tools at work continue to be productive - rigid job tasks no longer exist. As part of the workforce, we have to learn to be resilient, creative, sustainable and efficient in new ways. These are the adjectives we have to embrace without a second thought.

Setting Boundaries

As we take steps to create a productive ecosystem for ourselves we must gather the right resources both at work and home to ensure we stay fit, connected and productive. Managers are focused on working with employees to ensure the right infrastructure is in place, not just in technology but also in the way they set up expectations, processes, and priorities.

Do share your strategies of how you have navigated your work-life balance. How do you virtually connect, set routines, approach your work under these circumstances? Have you been working longer hours or were you successful in setting boundaries?

How have we met the challenges of the working parent who is also a caregiver and tutor rolled into one?

Now more than ever we need to evolve into a global village, pool our resources and create a knowledge base and be there for one another.

We are stronger together


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