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Disruption - The New Normal

Rebuilding our current social and personal behavior

The Bento Box has gone missing

The year 2020 will be etched in our memory forever. Everything has changed.

Not just for one person, one community, one country - but for EVERYONE the world over. The ultimate #disruption that has altered the course of mankind and forced us to question everything.

Global disruption has dissolved boundaries, crumbled economies, pushed science to the edge of the ledge and forced us to examine every known strategy. Where is the comfort of the compartmentalized, organized Bento Box when we need it most?

Instead the best minds and the bravest humans are presently forced to Rethink, Reimagine and Reinvent.

Facing Things Square On

The fragility of these current times does not belie the steely grit displayed by many. The countless doctors, nurses, medical technicians and first responders who tend to the sick. The workers who load and stock the groceries, the farmers who continue to till the land, the postal workers who dutifully deliver the mail, shipments that seamlessly land at our doorstep, the service that picks up garbage and recyclables, the teachers who overnight adapted to virtual tools - the list is endless, long and impossible to complete comprehensively. These people are our heroes who need to be celebrated, because they make our lives comfortable and viable every single day.

Photo Credit: Dileep Srinivasan

Embracing our Vulnerability

But what of you, me and the neighbor down the street? We are encountering disruption on a scale we are unable to assimilate. How do we gather our sensibilities and marshal our strength ? Find the moral compass to face and reach our new goals.

Our first major realization is of a #Lifestyle disruption - one that has shred our social fabric, set me and you apart from our friends, extended family and marooned us. Adrift, we have had to re-learn new ways to stay connected and retain bonds that feel meaningful.

Another awareness is within the arena of work, where we build networks and friendships, which has also been turned on it's head. #Work disruption has placed co-workers in their home silos, able to connect solely through google hangouts and zoom meetings - another source of isolation.

Finally the current #Shopping disruption that has taken away the joy of touching and picking our own fruit, produce or even a dress or balloons fit for a celebration. The very products and purchases we aspire towards have outcast us in our own realm.

These three sources of #Social disruption have forced us to re-assess personal and social norms. We must shoehorn new techniques for the long run as a result of lockdown.

It can all feel overwhelming but let us to pause and acknowledge our own vulnerability at this unique moment in time. Knowing and being aware is half the battle. But like the fish let us not sink but swim together and give Humanity a chance

We are stronger together


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