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Exploring Holistic living by combining mind, soul and body balance

Molding an all encompassing lifestyle

Making the Connection

Our minds are guardians to our souls. How we live and conduct ourselves are testimonies to our ethos. Embracing a balanced, holistic approach has seen more advocates in recent years. Given the frantic pace of life, the stresses and multi directional pulls of career, family responsibility and the ever shifting target for success – many young and old yearn to live a fulfilling, nourishing life.

Being holistic does not mean other worldly or spiritual but rather an aware lifestyle. Accruing these measures transforms one’s health and well-being, benefits relationships and renders patience and perception. Those who shed the layers and return to self-aware existence speak of coming into a zone of becoming a more cognizant person.

Leading an existence blending outer and inner experiences. A realization that we can co-exist as one with our environment, supporting one another. Eating clean, organic produce, flushing out toxins, hydrating and keeping an open mind. Being heedful that our planet is precious and we should continue to nurture it. Going beyond recycling, we should consciously avoid waste, actively propitiate trees and save the environment.

Creating an Aura

It is interesting to delve into the science of this even further. The father of the psychotherapeutic approach to logotherapy (the theory that human nature is motivated by meaning and purpose), Dr. Viktor Frankl (neurologist and psychiatrist), believed that lack of meaning and purpose can lead to mental health issues, emotional and even physical pain. Recognizing that our purpose is to live happy and healthy lives, holistic living is the tool to connect us to the world, enabling us to be appreciative, aware, and balanced. But the question to ask ourselves is - how do we get there?

By introducing and changing the components of our lifestyle. These can be both internal and external. As a first step keeping up with physical and mental health. It is also important to maintain social health and staying connecting with community. Our spiritual belief system is a key ingredient in coping with the many challenges that come our way. Indeed it is said that physical and emotional pain live in the same area of the brain and can impact our physical and psychological well-being.

Adopting a Zen mode can also mean embracing other principles like Feng Shui or Vaastu to organically arrange our home and surroundings to reflect a calmer, more grounded demeanor. The principles of Feng Shui and Vaastu belong to different schools of thoughts but both adhere to the principle of optimizing spaces, decluttering and creating a flow of good energy. They also assign directions for each of the prime tasks at home, be it sleep, cooking or relaxing, believing these will boost the elements.

Use of essential oils can be another subtle addition. Essential oils are highly concentrated natural extracts from the leaves, flowers, and stems of plants, known for their therapeutic as well as medicinal value. Use of pure essential oils have proved to promote calmness, uninterrupted sleep, alleviate pain and even relieve headaches and improve skin conditions.

Offer Gratitude

In the aftermath of the pandemic many of us have begun to dig deeper into ourselves, to be more aware of our personal and collective struggles. Our core beliefs have been shaken, our interactions questioned, many of us feel as if we have been granted a fresh opportunity to begin afresh. No wonder we have reset ourselves feeling immensely thankful for the chance to integrate body, mind and spirit. Grow thy self is the new dictum, learning to be less judgmental, more open to experiencing new things, ever curious, open heartened and joyful. On the cusp of the Thanksgiving Holiday we have to remind ourselves that to be thankful is to enhance Life itself. Affirmations are real and many can attest to it. While some question and are wary of it, the truth remains that if you love Life, it rewards you back manifold.

Holistic living can enhance your overall well-being and lead to longevity. It can dramatically change our life, boosting our performance and in turn our productivity. Living an attentive life can be the pathway to reduced stress, anxiety and depression. In a word it is a way of living. Beginning with our morning routine and following throughout the day, is part of how “mindfully” we engage with ourselves as well as the people and environment around us. Is this a doable ask? Readers, is it too much of a lifestyle change, have many of you have already adopted and incorporated these changes? Lets engage with one another and exchange each other's experiences and insights.

We are stronger together


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