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Fall Magic - seen through the eyes of a Nature lover

Introducing another guest writer, my blog reader and friend, Shobha Rajan. Shobha enjoys gardening, hiking and says nature is a major source of inspiration, bringing her joy, peace and manifesting the Divine. Having dedicated her career to Technical writing, she now enjoys creative writing, mostly poetry and fiction.

Seasonal transitions

A nip in the air, long evenings, leaves crunching underfoot, a kaleidoscope of colors around you - yes I am talking about that season of the year that most people love - fall or autumn! Reading about it in books and poems as I grew up definitely did not prepare me for the magnificence of this season when I first witnessed it! Reality in this case, far surpassed the imagination! The first joy of the season is the welcome respite from the summer heat! As evenings grow cooler, the garden settles down to plump and bushy mums and the leaves put on their colorful displays of Oranges, Golds and Reds, there is a certain joy and peace and an urge to savor every moment of this short-lived season! Driving through a tunnel of colorful trees, hiking up a mountain or a winding path breathing fresh air, feeling the crunch of dried leaves under the feet and above all enjoying the bursts of colors that surprise you in every corner - the sense of peace and joy of this season is no less than that of meditation! Nature’s wardrobe over a year is varied and awesome:

  • Bulbs bursting to colors as the earth wakes up to spring

  • Shades of green on trees and resplendent colors of summer flowers in full bloom after spring and summer showers

  • Sunrise and sunset foliage colors in fall as nature is on its best display and

  • The grays and whites of pristine winter as Mother Nature prepares to go into hibernation to wake up and repeat the cycle again.

While each season has its distinct beauty, fall is special in that this display is limited to only some parts of the world. Lucky are those who get to witness the splendor and majesty of nature’s autumn wardrobe, and we are some of the lucky few!! Let us learn to enjoy every minute of this brief and glorious season! It brings its own lesson with it - that life is fleeting and we need to grab the moment, savor it and live it to the fullest! I have tried to capture the glories of the season in this poem. To me the grandeur of nature is always better expressed through verse!

Wonders of Fall Call it pre-winter, autumn or fall To me this is the best season of all When colored leaves fall from trees And there is a nip in the gentle breeze As the leaf colors light up in sun’s bright rays It lifts my spirit in so many ways Bright colors in orange, red and yellow Catching the sun’s light as they fall to the ground below This season has the children’s beloved festival of fright When ghosts and goblins wake up at night And there is thanksgiving and other festivals of light That you can celebrate with smiles so bright! Orange pumpkins and apple cider laced with spice The sights and smells are so very nice! The carpet of leaves that crunch as you walk These forever in your memories you want to lock! The farms all adorned with bundles of hay And from crisp apples it is hard to stay away The uplifted spirit and the joy you feel The season surely you heart does steal There are folks that see it as a harbinger of winter That sometimes their enjoyment of the present does hinder To those folks I have but one thing to say Enjoy this moment before it goes away!

We are stronger together


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