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Family Unites When All Else Threatens: Our First Post

Day 543278329 of Quarantine: Are you going crazy yet?

The #coronavirus has carved a new world for families.

Parents and their children, couples in relationships who once lamented their lack of time with one other are now confronted with too much time together, sequestered in a time capsule. Conversations are now filled with overwhelming meal-prep debates, grocery paranoia, and of course: the incessant barrage of daily news.

Boundaries are blurred and there is no roadmap to reference...

Pix Credit: Adit Dileep

In our household, we pride ourselves in being close-knit, caring and empathic to one another. However, with enforced #quarantine and #isolation, everything has taken on another dimension.

Residing in the verdant suburbs of New Jersey, we are blessed to live in relative comfort - yet we find ourselves tested at every turn. It has been a challenge to carve out personal space under one roof over an extended period of time, especially with remote work thrown in. Personal routines require give-and-take, and conversations repeatedly fall back to food, fear, and #Corona.

Taking Stock

We are not healthcare professionals on the front-line, tending to the sick, or scientists toiling to find a cure. Or the pleasant grocery store clerks bringing food to our homes and car trunks.

And yet, anxiety and worry find its way through our locked doors and sanitized surfaces. Like many of you, we are a family that draws strength from our habits, coasting through our daily struggles and routines. Now we find ourselves learning how to speak to each other once again.

How do we listen to each other when distractions lie on every screen?

Have we made adjustments we need to stay sane and mentally safe around each other?

Are we afraid to re-carve boundaries for fear of opening up?

Challenge ourselves by verbalizing our inner emotions?

A Way Forward Through Action

In our household the humor gene must have skipped a generation - because while my son spoke of soft goals during this time - it made zero sense to me: a mother doggedly wedded to #Post-It notes, up-to-date To Do lists, and a new project to tackle every weekend.

We began this blog together to reach out to others like us, combining his I can-handle- everything attitude and my restless determination to put our keystrokes in service of this #Calmunity.

Does our story resonate with your life? Share your experience with us! We invite you to add your voice to this #calmunication

We Are Stronger Together.


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