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Favorite time of the year – how changing seasons offer special treats

Appreciating the gifts from Nature

Distinctiveness of Seasons

Fall is upon us, with its dramatic shift in color, temperature and daylight. The multi-hued mums are in full display and rustic décor is everywhere. Halloween beckons. Like with so many others, it is my favorite time of the year. As the seasons change, each has its own charm and appeal. For those of us fortunate enough to live on this coast enjoying the variety of climates, landscapes, rituals is an added bonus.

Every year begins with the chill of winter still wrapping its claws on everything. As the first quarter lapses, spring emerges. The first buds bloom on every tree, plant, grass blade and flower bulb and even though allergy sufferers are not spared, it is hard not to be drawn into the promise of springtime. Spring brings hope and with it a sense of rebirth and awakening. With Nature renewing herself and banishing the grey of winter, I can feel a quickening of my step and uplifting of my core.

Summer follows in a few months, bringing with it the warmth and longer days. Heralding lazy afternoons and the promise of so much to be achieved. Trips to the beach, hours spent in the yard, gardening, barbequing, lazing in the pool, long walks in the evening, holidays to be taken, weddings, graduations and occasions to be celebrated.

Time for Renewal

As autumn rolls around, more than half the year is over. Fall is such a transitional season. One can sense that change is swirling all around just like the leaves that fall from the trees. Many of us echo the internal shifts too as we respond to the nudging change and gear up for things to come.

Soon the thoughts of winter are not too far behind. Even as snow blankets the ground and flurries descend, the quiet stillness of winter is when our pace finally slows down. As our bodies and minds are infused with a sense of peace and calm, the stillness leads me to reflect. Winter brings awareness that the year is drawing to a close and with it our minds focus on the year gone by, what has come to pass and what we can anticipate in the new year. An opportunity to reflect, pivot and change course if required and begin anew.

Focus and Manifest

Seasons are nature at its most magnificent manifestation. They are indicative of a sense continuous change and renewal. We can draw inspiration from Earth and gather strength to reflect, renew and reinvent ourselves. Both our minds and bodies are fined tuned and synchronized to be on track and it seems easier to stay on course. Aligning our thoughts to the rhythms of Nature allows us to keep up with the ebb and flow of Life. Being aware of the seasons and in tune with them is like being part of a cyclical cosmos.

Are you my blog readers, as inspired by the Seasons as I am? Do you have a favorite season too? I would love to hear about which season you are partial to and what memories they evoke for you. Keep the stories coming. I look forward to hearing from you.

We are stronger together


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