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FUD no more

Focusing on Forward and not being held back by Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

Hesitation and overthinking

FUD is an acronym commonly used in financial circles to allude to fear, uncertainty and doubt. It also translates in slang, texting and real life as the obstacle that can hold us back. Let's examine FUD with fresh eyes with the brand new perspective we have gained on everything during the course of the current global pandemic.

In a world overloaded with information and options, it is not surprising that many of us tend to find ourselves in a situation when time and effort is lost in questioning, reviewing, hesitation and over thinking. It is a classic symptom of doubt and uncertainty at play that keeps us from functioning at our full capacity, paralyzing our decision making. If we feel FUD and we give in to it, it will morph into an obstacle. To pursue knowledge and success we have to move past it. Our mantra: Be fearless in the face of FUD.

False & Fearful

The past two years has taught many of us to seize the moment, not to take anything for granted and realize how fleeting Life is. Many of us have pledged to seize opportunities, not to let anything stand in our way and most of all not to let FUD be an barrier to a larger goal. We have to be conscious of moving past it, if we have to make anything of our dreams, of our ideas, of ourselves. The three sentiments of FUD, fear, uncertainty and doubt are all negative words, weighed down with connotations of dragging us down, holding us back. If we imagine that FUD is a stop signal we will soon find ourselves, going down the wrong path, lost forever. Let FUD not hamper us from pursuing our goals.

Recognition & Remedy

FUD is sometimes employed as a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative, dubious or false information. In today's world when everyone has easy access to information, we need to guard ourselves against such manipulation. Conflicting news flow and advertising overload as well as multiple expert options add to the cacophony of voices that can drown out our common sense approach. This almost Sisyphean task can break our resolve and take us down a rabbit hole of mental anguish. We owe it to ourselves to be alert, recognize the facts and always seek out positive reinforcement. Acknowledgement is halfway to the remedy.

Reaching the Finish Line

Since we are all social animals, we are caught in the headlights when we are in the throes of FUD. Ironically, the best way to keep fear at bay is to experience it. Staring it in the face, we will realize it is not as bad as we imagined it to be and soon the nightmares associated with it will vanish. My biggest lessons learned over time has been that my peers responded with kindness, when I faltered, reacting with sympathy and encouragement instead of criticism. The key take away in the situation was, instead attention was paid on how I reacted to failure than to failure itself! The unknown makes us tentative. If you are unsure how to proceed and less confident? Just pause and take a look around. As we see the world around us find a vaccine in record time, wage a war on the pandemic, in our own way we should be able to brush aside the unknown and believe that we can do it. And even as doubt as frays our mind, let us strengthen our belief in the goodness of one another, of just being a stronger community facing the future and reaching towards the finish line.

We are stronger together


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