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Happiness in Hectic Times

Actively pursuing happiness to counter a sense of sadness

Most of us are feeling adrift in a sea of everchanging landscape. Choppy times that point to the fact that nothing in Life is ever going to be the same again. This is a global trend and everywhere we turn we see more of the same. There is no escape. Every waking moment, we are bombarded with a cacophony of news that seesaws between extremes leaving us feeling exhausted and depleted. We are collectively paying a heavy toll. Is it surprising that so many are feeling sad and facing mental health issues?

Riding the Waves of Change

Change can be unsettling and knowing that change is constant doesn't always help. What has worked for me is to step back and instead of asking "why", I try to immerse myself in mapping out a strategy of "what" next. Proactive action works well and shakes me up in a good way as I tap unabashedly into my support system. Reaching out and asking for help has taught me that it is Ok to be vulnerable and equally liberating to vocalize your Ask. Finally I have learnt the hard way that I need to take care of myself above all and this is where I have learnt that it is important to find my happy place.

Bringing Meaning - Opening up Infinite Possibilities

Cultivating self happiness is like working a conscious muscle. Happiness is an evasive entity and often we think of it as an illusion always out of reach that we are constantly chasing after. Take an oath today as I have, to find your true meaning, and you will be manifested at the doorway to the magical kingdom realizing your happiness. Motivation can be self empowering and you can start in small increments.

Motivation is what lends meaning to everything we do, transforming it from a chore to a purpose. Whether it be our jobs, cooking, sustaining relationships, celebrating milestones, traveling, seeing each of the tasks we undertake both big and small not as stagnant but as constantly evolving. In a sense motivation feels stimulating, inspirational and more like an organic flow instead of a static entity. A whole new world will open up. We will notice things we never did paid attention to before, our senses will seem keener and more aware to everything around us, we will be less judgmental to others - all in all a fully immersive experience. And as we actively nurture happiness for our own well being and self care we will be happier.

Going against the Trend

Finally we have to create a safe haven for ourselves. Advertising and social media constantly bombard everyone with messages telling us what we need to wear, own or look like to be happy and successful. This has insidiously chipped away at the consumer's self worth and self esteem - stripping us of our happiness. This starts at a young age and none one is exempt. Let us all reach out to one another and form a sheltered space to block out the noise.

Lets choose happiness over sadness. Purpose over routine. Meaning over boredom. Happiness is everywhere in the simplest of deeds and the rewards of huge. Let this be our collective quest. I can't wait to hear from everyone what you are doing to seek this positive perspective.

We are stronger together


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