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Hidden Treasures at Home - Infinite Discoveries

Seeing with a fresh perspective

Unearthing treasures that tell our story

Our extended time at home has revealed an amazing new world. Rediscovering the nooks and crannies of not just our homes but our hearts. Memories awakened as we foray around sorting through our #stuff. Each little treasure tugs at the heart strings, bringing back reminiscences of important landmarks in our life. Pictures and videos, handmade gifts and cards, trinkets and family heirlooms, all portraying a lifetime lived to the fullest- complete with highs and lows.

Does Stuff Make you Happier ?

The Pandemic has shrunk our world, closed in our horizons and made us question a lot. My initial instinct lead me to ask, is all this stuff surrounding me a burden? Does it really bring happiness ? Am I a victim or was I cognizant ?

As I navigated through my home initially there was no road map to follow and I was without purpose. But in the quiet stillness of my heart, I could hear the compass spinning, pointing me in a new direction. Often we compartmentalize our emotions and feelings. We ignore our instincts and plow ahead. Before I knew it, that was behind me. That orchestration began with reconnecting to my inner self. As I grew more mindful, my path emerged as I rummaged through my belongings, they take on a new meaning.

Sacred Spaces At Home And In Ourselves

Our possessions represent our extended selves. They provide a sense of past and tell us, “who we are, where we have come from and perhaps where we are going”, says Russell Belk, who studies consumerism at York University in Toronto, Canada.

I saw the history of my life and that of my family as I sorted through my stuff - organizing, digitizing and of course, purging. Sharing aloud the stories of the memories they evoke - I became caught up in the cadence of this new world reality that our possessions have both meaning and purpose, lending both depth and essence to our existence. Of spouses and partners we have loved, children we have raised, places we have visited, hobbies and interests that have added dimension to our lives.

Books, movies, coins, artwork, yarn, fabric, paint, cameras, musical instruments, gardening tools, sewing machines, cook books, scrapbooks, beads and threads and countless more around our homes are a receptacle for our memories and identities.

At the same time, it dawned on me that stuff alone doesn't define us.

There is a greater need now more than ever to create a new paradigm of identity. To remind ourselves that we need to integrate the exterior clutter of our many possessions with an inner sense of intent and sincerity of a life well lived. Our homes are our Sacred Spaces, a microcosm of the world at large to be filled with Breath, Light and Liberty. A new paradigm of identity which embraces family, friendships, social purpose, community, meaning and purpose. A heritage not bound only by our possessions.

We invite you to share your stories, how do you feel about your possessions, do you they uplift you or weigh you down? Do they enrich your life, tell your story and represent the legacy that generations after you will cherish?

We are stronger together


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