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Hobbies - A Pandemic Pastime Tranforming Us Into stakeholders

How we discover joy in developing old and new hobbies

Time away from the screen

Even as we binge watched, baked, exercised and cleaned out our homes, many like me yearn to be more creative in our year of introspection. I want to make my life count and be more meaningful during this anxious time. Looking around, I crave to bring more balance, beauty and like countless others I rediscovered my favorite hobbies and even tried my hand at some new ones. Spurred on by my isolation and sheer boredom these creative meanderings have been my attempt to bring some order to the swirling chaos. Apparently I am not alone, according to one statistic a web search for “pastimes and coronavirus” yielded more than 7 million results !

Close to the heart

One of the most common responses to the Covid burnout includes cultivating comfort hobbies like knitting, cooking, crafting and gardening. These mainstay hobbies have become therapeutic, fun and inclusive. Watching something grow, be it a kitchen garden, herbs or houseplants can bring immense joy. Most often these interests lead us to connect with others who have similar interests, expanding our conversations and widening our horizons.

The more adventurous sought out creative hobbies that ranged from chalk art, rock painting, jewelry making, online music and dance classes, beer making, blogging, tik tok videos, craft projects and board games - the list is endless. Even a new blog! Haha

Finding Your Zen

Hobbies can be relaxing, taking one back to a sweet spot, peeling away the layers of worry, stress, anxiety, distress and tension. Calming hobbies like reading, doodling, practicing or listening to music, playing chess, doing puzzles, designing with your hands - all transport us to a Zen place.

Active hobbies can be life changing, like rock climbing, tennis, soccer, photography, biking and even dancing.

Hobbyists Unite

Revisiting some of our hobby's became our lifeline as they rekindled memories of simpler times in our childhood. A silver lining, a perfect distraction, engaging mind and hand, however you describe them, hobbies are an essential way for us to connect with our passions, identity, and each other. They help us stay active, mentally and physically.

It only took a pandemic to remind many of us that we need to cultivate at least one hobby. Since most of us live in the realm of work, chores, rinse and repeat. Hobbies can be a simple pleasure, a gigantic project but they spur you, motivate you beyond your comfort zone, because they help develop your skill, increase knowledge as well as involve you in activities that are challenging and help build patience.

Most of all, hobbies offer us that invaluable opportunity to step away from our busy lives when taking a break makes us feel productive, feel engaged while still having fun. It is time for all hobbyists to unite to create a more amicable and versatile world.

We are stronger together


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