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Inner Landscape - manifesting a better World

Crafting a world of beauty and abundance from our inner belief system

Not happenstance

Life seems to be a series of random events linked by chronology. Following a timeline that begins at birth and ends at death. We coast along, oscillating between it's ups and downs, feeling elated one minute and possibly miserable the next, not sure how to regulate ourselves. Many of us are caught up in the everyday routine of our lives, never pausing to see how unique and extraordinary it could possibly be. If we paused for a Nano second to glimpse inside ourselves to search for our dreams and find that enormous strength we would realize that we could craft a Life of astonishing harmony, divinity and bounty.

Matching the Inside with the Outside

Manifesting the life we want can sound daunting and impossible, but nothing can be further from the truth. We need to commit to a path to observe our internal landscape and aim to master our mind. Taming our consciousness and channeling our wavering thoughts and emotions in positive directions, rather than against ourselves is the first big step.

Are we aware that emotions carry their own vibrations and attract people, places and experiences ? In turn, this means nothing in Life is an accident and neither is anything left to chance. But we rarely connect the dots between our thoughts and choices and what occurs in our life. Realizing there is such an important link between our inner and outer landscape is a defining moment, knowing we need to harness our energy to create a fulfilled Life and not be our own greatest enemy by thinking negative thoughts.

Seek and Find

It is a teaching moment to realize that - Life happens from the inside out. As you visualize and seek your inner resources to mold the land of your dreams, you enter a meditative state of being. Much like creating a vision board the subconscious begins to stack an existence that can become a reality. As one explores this further it simply means discovering oneself, sketching out one's parameters. Evolving in this fashion can take us one step towards a more bountiful and fulfilled Life when our inner and outer landscapes are in perfect harmony.

Instead of seeking answers here, there and everywhere, harnessing our inner landscape can become a very engaging experience that requires a lifelong commitment. Scholars have alluded to it, but I have only recently stumbled upon this school of thought. I am fascinated and drawn to it. I have begun this journey with great hope and believe it will bring me much happiness and peace. Will you be a fellow traveler or have you already reached your destination ? Lets swap stories to make our inner and outer landscape even more alluring.

We are stronger together


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