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Less Routine More Life

Breaking the cycle of Monotony

Mundanity of 9 to 5

A sense of repetition on most days feel as if the cycle of routine is never ending. Is it all rinse, repeat, wake up and do the same thing all over again? Monotony and mundanity intertwined. How do we stop our days from feeling monotonous? Do we have to be a rebel to break the mold? Is it possible that regular folks can escape the sense of being boxed in and still function and flourish? Can creativity and control go hand in hand and create a confluence that makes for a beautiful Life? Lets explore....

Routines create structure. They allows us to be infused with a sense of order and calm. For day to day functionality it keeps things running smoothly so we can focus on the things that truly need our attention. Granting our domain a sense of tranquility and orderliness. It can simplify our world and allow our personal life to feel less chaotic and complicated. However, if we don't want to feel stagnant, lethargic and stuck in a limbo, we are aware that we have to find the creativity, the challenge and deviation in our days to make sure we don't drown in our discipline.

Breaking the Cycle

By challenging ourselves, occasionally altering your environment, and shaking up our

routine, will bring ourselves one step closer to fighting the sense of monotony that threatens us every now and then. Changes big and small matter and every effort counts. If it works for you, try making a list of things you do in a day and try to jot down new ideas to incorporate. Remember, it is Ok to start with baby steps. Putting ourselves front and forward is important and so it is crucial to establish boundaries. Lets' begin by being kind to ourselves and soon we will be able to spread kindness to others around us and gradually the aura will change. Engaging in positive interactions with people around us will follow naturally and these cordial exchanges will not only break up the monotony of our day, but they will also spread goodwill.

Even as we examine our everyday life let us saturate it so each day feels as if it is one filled with Opportunity, instead of Obstacle. This may seem quite hard at times, but the pay off will be amazing. Self improvement is the key that will change our whole outlook. This extended pandemic has caused all of us to re-examine our lives and in many ways it has been an eye opener. Let us continue to self reflect and set new goals.

Find Self Mastery

Realizing that we can evolve and reshape our lives constantly can be liberating. Lets commit to self reflection. Such contemplation allows us to look back at our efforts, tweak them and pivot if needed to reshape our goals. Be sure to look at yourself objectively — keep what works for you and let go of the things holding you back. This active approach towards improvement, will keep us on the path to Self-Mastery. As Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living".

As we traverse this path of discovery, we may encounter obstacles such as fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, but let us try to remember that the fear of fear is larger than fear itself. As we challenge ourselves, let us also try to see the bigger picture. It becomes imperative to streamline life by examining what takes up our time and question whether we do too much by defining personal boundaries to have adequate down time without feeling guilty. Routine has it's place but Life beckons, imagination calls, and the horizon is limitless, so lets stir ourselves into action.

What steps have you taken for self improvement? How do you combat the push and pull between disciple and distraction? How have you stayed creative as the pandemic drags on do share your stories so we can all thrive together.

We are stronger together


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