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Life Pie: A mind journal for anchoring life

An exercise to evaluate and amend

Intention Inspired

Living a harmonious lifestyle is our goal. Expending our energy, prioritizing our endeavors each day as we strive for a work life balance. This means we have to constantly evaluate, giving time and drive to the areas that matter. Often this exercise falls by the wayside, since we are too busy to pause and appraise. It is essential that from time to time we rethink our preferences, question and acknowledge the mismatch between our current situation and fluid, evolving roles.

As we begin to align these goals, there are many solutions to consider before we make any changes. DE normalizing a habit is not easy even though the rewards may be immense. Effective strategies, sustainable routines and securing support from the community around us is key. But, before we venture that route, there is a simple isometric that can yield powerful and amazing results. Let us explore the Life Pie exercise to see how to allocate the many inclusive roles that demand our attention and focus. Lining up our priorities with true intention become easier to define, taking into account both our public and private roles.

Reassessing & Shifting

Also known as a life balance wheel or a wheel of life, it is a tool to help map out different aspects of one’s life. It helps identify zones and allocate one’s energy and time relatively. Literally a life pie to determine the state of balance at a particular given time in our existence. The assessment is not necessarily about make improvements or changes as it is about identifying areas and then pivoting and reassessing. It is a fascinating mental calisthenics, holding our own feet to the fire. Like holding a mirror, it requires an honest, non-judgmental evaluation on where and how much to focus for personal, professional growth and equilibrium. The valuation is not set in stone and needs to be tracked constantly, since there are shifts in reality, as our needs and focus change.

Honesty and intention are key. Another constant reminder is that this is another step towards self-care, not designed for judgement, guilt or self-berating. It is wonderful, visual practice, intended to take us closer to balance all the demands made on our time and resources. A well thought out designation that allows us find our inner equilibrium and not feel like we are scattered in every direction.

Picture your life as a whole pie with six to ten different slices. These can be Family/Friends/Home, Work, Play/Travel, Health/Physical Activity, Love/Relationships, Spirituality/Self Growth, Money/Finances, Learning/Education, and Volunteer/Service. The list can be tweaked, but to be truly complete listing all the factors in one’s life is crucial.

Draw a fairly large circle in the middle of a piece of paper. Divide it into slices, based on the areas identified as being significant. This means that the slices will not be equal in size. The next step is to assign and identify them. Initially it is a good idea to use a pencil since it will be work in progress. Treat it as play, mulling over the pattern and examining the thoughts and feelings that each of the areas evoke.

Going with the Flow

Feel free to scribble notes on the outside of the slices, gauging your emotions as you review. Note ideas that seem to make you feel comfortable or others that need attention. There can no right or wrong answers. It is only about creating balance and stability. Keeping a journal in tandem can help too.

This can be an amazing visual tool that can aid us to reflect on how we want to thrive in life and where need to tweak it. It can also have a very positive impact to understand how well things are doing in certain areas. It is important to express gratitude as we take stock. Life is a delicious pie we can savor – so let us dive in. Have any of you tried this and what has been your experience? How about the others - are you tempted to give it a go? The more I have been reading about this, I am intriguing and see this as one more tool for a life of connective balance. Let’s explore together. Join me in my quest as we carry on our quest for continuous improvement.

We are stronger together


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