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Medicate Stress in Your Life - Practice Gratitude

How practicing gratitude can open our eyes to new possibilities

Gratitude is a much bandied word. It is also a complex declaration, layered and faceted that we need to embrace in order to dispel the noise, the disruption and the chaos that has become a way of Life today. In the words of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, "Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions, a neutralizer of envy, hostility, worry, and irritation. It is savoring; it is not taking things for granted; it is present-oriented.”

Gift Yourself

It is a conscious choice to practice #Gratitude. Actively engage in it as an exercise to center oneself, shift focus on the things that truly matter and to that end make a lifelong commitment. A gift to yourself, outfitting with the most precious and priceless tool.

Gratitude has also been described as “a feeling of thankful appreciation.” As one embarks on the journey to cherish and improve one's life not only is it transformative for a single life but it can cause entire society shifts, as humankind becomes kinder, optimistic and more empathetic.

Being Thankful

I have experienced first hand, the significant switch when I verbalized my willingness to improve my life. I was totally astonished by the many gateways that opened. It was pure magic. Maybe it was manifestation, maybe it was my attitude, but I was not going to question - because I was too busy being thankful!

Soaking in the light, the positivity and the energy that gave me new purpose.

Since then, I have evolved and mellowed, corrected course and sought guidance. Matured, as I have introspected, strayed off my path many a time, pulled myself up wearily, questioned my beliefs but always, always amended my behavior, my reactions and come back - enriched manifold. In a word it has been a game changer.

One day at a time

Making Gratitude a part of our daily life takes practice, just like every other activity. Taking it one day at a time and putting some effectives exercises and reminders in place are the markers that guide us along.

Gratitude is more than enunciating a social "thank you". It leads us to be genuine, far reaching and encompass appreciation in a way that we are truly grateful for what we have, who we interact with and whose lives we touch. This in turn creates a playbook to a more productive life no longer are we insular, critical and small minded.

Being in a state of happiness is not where we feel Gratitude. Knowing that happiness is rarely constant - we have to find joy and solace in the ebb and flow of everyday events and Gratitude is the tool that will get us to that sweet spot. It is subtle nuance and just like we exercise regularly , eat healthy and work diligently, we ought to adopt practicing Gratitude so that can be tethered, even keel, be present in the moment and not be buffeted by highs and lows of battered emotions.

I have found writing a Gratitude dairy every night to record my thoughts goes a long way in keeping me on track. It is a real way to recognize the many things I have to be grateful for. The little joys that stack up to make my day beautiful and the blessings that I should never loose count of.

Have you experienced a shift in perspective when practicing Gratitude? Would you like to share a simple daily routine of reflection that has benefited you during these overwhelming times? I look forward to hearing your stories.

We are stronger together


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