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Milestone Moment –Musings on writing my 100th blog

Keystone habit that made me reveal, mature, mellow and expand my inner psyche

Ever Evolving

Reflecting on milestones can be an enormously gratifying practice, a pathway towards self-realization. Aiding the appreciation of the choices taken in Life. An impetuses fashioning our circumstances, eventually landing amidst our evolved present selves. An emotional and mental bread crumb trail leading back to our defining moments. Arriving at the fulcrum of our essential being, allowing us to gain insights into our inner sanctioned space. I find myself at such a moment. Humbled, elated and hugely gratified to be celebrating my 100th blog post today with my readers.

It is a personal triumph, an instance to reflect on my journey and my individual evolution. The idea of writing a blog was born during the course of the pandemic, when most of us were hunkered down at home, buffeted by uncertainty, navigating each day with fear of the unknown. As outlines of the blogs took shape and formats emerged through my tentative keystrokes, I began to experience sudden bursts of creative resurgence. Thoughts and ideas began to tumble forward, unlocking hidden insights, challenging assumptions and soon the pages began to fill with words, images and perspectives. I found myself embarking on the most fulfilling and innovative voyage I could have imagined. As I read, researched and sourced new possibilities there was no holding back. I felt like a flowing river, tumbling forward – I was buoyed and energized by the process of writing. Even though it had been several years since I had returned to writing and it felt like I had never stopped.

Beautiful flowers my family sent me to mark my 100th blog

Building Connections

My readers and subscribers have been my lifeline. My oxygen. Every time I stared at the blank computer screen, bereft of a topic, words or phrases, the comforting existence of my readers reinforced me. Propelled me forward with renewed vigor and energy to uncover new possibilities. Their feedback, comments have buoyed me and broadened my perceptions. It has been a two-way street and ignited a self-discovery that has enriched my life. For this I remain eternally grateful. Stay by my side, much remains to be explored, questioned and unlocked.

Selecting topics for the blogs proved challenging sometimes and at other times they just came to me easily. Either way, unpacking the topic, examining how best to flesh out the nuances while trying to present a fresh perspective, kept me on my toes. The underlying themes have been a window to clarity and an avenue to exploring my beliefs, values and amplifying the voices that needed to be heard.

Pix Credit: Ante Hamersmit

Learning Anew

The rhythm of writing has been a life changing ritual. Producing a ripple effect that has calmed my mind, fleshed out my thoughts, provoked critical thinking, and made me aspire outward and forward. Pushing myself creatively propelled daily reflections and ignited self-discovery. Unlocking hidden insights has been a challenging process running the gamut from questioning my values to leveraging my experiences as well as redefining myself. Through my writing I have tried to step back, simplify my choices in life and slowly segregated everything that is not important and focused on what is essential.

Blog writing created a customary process of being consistent. As deadlines approached, I had to hunker down and put my thoughts down, surrender myself to the process and emerge on the other side. Dispelling distractions, fashioning a ritual, a kind of mental reset a process of distillation, almost like tunnel vision. It has been a gratifying journey. An innovative process that has added joy and depth to my Life. I am feeling blessed, joyful and truly enhanced.

With each written syllable, I look forward to the tribe of shareholders multiplying as we create a vast family that enhances, encourages, reshapes and reforms together. The future beckons.

We are stronger together


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