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Nature has a Zen all it's Own

Life Lessons we can learn from Nature

Pix Credit: Rick Fischer

Like the overarching tree - Nature is all around us, enveloping us, a silent teacher with centuries of wisdom to impart. At a time when we are at a crucial crossroads - feeling untethered, looking for metaphors, symbols, scientific explanations and signs - maybe all we need to do is to seek out Mother Nature.

Nature can guide us to think with more clarity and enhance our sense of spiritual connection. It can evoke within us trust in ourselves, through the transference of natural rhythms. Nature allows us to see that there is an ebb and flow that will eventually reach a resolution. Everything has value but nothing can be rushed. Like the seasons around us, there is predictability and thrill with every change - with passing of one and the onset of another.

Getting my Hands Dirty

During this pandemic, others in America baked, tried out new recipes, exercised virtually, worked from home, all the while discovering new hobbies - myself included. Even though I loved gardening - I had never tried my hand at growing vegetables. Well, 2020 has been a inflection point defining moment for all of us - so why not cross over to the other side. I join the countless others who remember that June is celebrated as National Fruit and Vegetable Month.

So I researched, ordered, consulted friends, purchased and took the plunge. I enjoy working on our deck, getting dirt under my fingernails - the smell of potting mix, lime and the sun on our backs as my son and I plant tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, basil, cilantros and spicy jalapenos . We felt transported to a completely different zone and we found out happy place.

There was simplicity in working with our hands and joy in the act of watering and staking. I wake up every morning and walk out to deck and drink my morning tea while watching my container garden with unabashed delight of ownership and pride. This quarantine has taught me to appreciate the elementary things - that my family and I are healthy, to enjoy the breeze against my skin when I take my evening walk or that I can safely buy clementine's and strawberries at the farmer's market.

Keep Calm & Garden On

Working on my garden has also taught me other important lessons. Not everything can be precisely managed. Even as I neatly sowed my saplings rows aesthetically pleasing to my eye - I forgot that I should surrender to the process. Tomato plants don't grow in assigned lines - they are free spirited, blooming agents that seek freedom scattering their boughs willy nilly. spilling from the container, the cucumbers and zucchini twirl beyond the trellis and away - a boundless creative blooming! I am continually learning an crucial lesson - to surrender, to accept, to appreciate the unexpected. Imbibing and reviving my inner spirit - letting Nature renew me.

The New Reflective Pool

In the microcosm of our mini gardening container, my son and I we connected with Nature and learnt to let go and still be mindful. We learned that one has to accept as well as take responsibility for one's own decisions.

We learned that there are things in life that you cannot explain and rationality won't get you everywhere - just like Nature.

Everything has a purpose and good things always follow the bad stuff, Nature doesn't hurry. But everything is accomplished - so let us pledge to leave a legacy behind on this beautiful world we call our home - Mother Nature.

We are stronger together


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