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Reaching Higher and Further - what 2021 can mean

Setting goals to extend ourselves in new ways

Why it matters

Last year was a tough one but the lessons learned will stay with us forever. Etched in our mind's eye and engraved in our hearts they will hold us accountable for perpetuity. My biggest learning has been that we are a Global Community for Better or for Worse. Let us consciously choose to be the equitable party. As we read countless brave stories of those who put themselves ahead of pandemic, striving to find a cure, caring for those who were ill, fulfilling the overwhelming supply chain demand - I was forced to question what was my contribution?

My epiphany moment was - to go the extra mile. Commit to being a shareholder not just in the New Year but onwards and forever. It infused new purpose and meaning to my work, at home, relationships, health and fitness. I felt inspired to try hard to reach higher within my communities. I have found a purpose, an internal motivation that resonates to the fact that if I care about my efforts, I care about myself. Conversely letting ourselves down will be even more disheartening as we will let others down too.

Inspired by Nature

If we pause and look around at Nature we cannot escape its' collective glory. Raindrops, waves, stars and flowers - all cumulatively shower, bloom and light the skies. Mother Earth can be our guide even as we stay the course. Encased in our urban jungles we forget we are part of Nature's landscape too - so let us draw sustenance from that vast encompassing Universe. With the environment as our guiding force we can exceed sustenance and reach up and beyond to an abundant and fulfilling life.

Challenging Yourself

Stretching oneself beyond one's comfort zone ignites exciting and invigorating personal initiatives. And in no time this habit builds a positive mental attitude and motivates one to seek new and continuous ways to sprinting the extra mile. The most gratifying reward is that the going the extra mile is never about doing something for oneself alone, it is more about what you do for others. It makes us come out of our own selfish consciousness and embrace others and their well being.

I am clear eyed enough to realize that there will be lots of changes on this new path, this novel undertaking. But therein lies the thrill, the excitement of the unknown and the championship of adventure. And the knowledge that our actions will generate a force of energy returning us bounty unlimited. Do join me in this quest. Lend the helping hand, link humanity.

We are stronger together


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