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Reflections for the future

Lessons from the past to be unwrapped in 2024

Living in the Now

As 2024 unfolds I am enveloped by a jumble of thoughts, emotions and feelings. As the days and hours unpack themselves we commence fresh routines. The New Year is filled with a renewed sense of energy and purpose caught up in a ceaseless tide of swirling activity. Swept up as I am, inside I am still dragging, conflicted with leftover reflections of the past year. Attempting to gather up my responses to the events of the bygone year sorting out the lessons I need to glean from them. Figuring out how to live in the “now” as I navigate my deeds from the past. Learning from my Life's circumstances, moving forward with comprehension and transparency. Setting personal goals for myself, I am determined to continue on the path of self discovery, outlining a roadmap to challenge, change and clarity.

The starting point is to know that it is marathon not a sprint. To begin processing what I have learnt over the past year from my own experiences. I dwell on my interactions with my friends, family and co-workers, each of whom have the capacity to impact me and the decisions I make. This reflective process is ongoing, involving sifting through what happened last year, reviewing where I am right now and where I want to be in the future. Often we just slide from year to year in auto mode, without review, never pausing to contemplate. This year I am pausing, luxuriating in the exercise, reveling in little nuggets that are emerging in the corners of my consciousness.  To be sure there is no earth shattering disclosure being unearthed - just a gently rising to the surface. A realization of  where I need to be, how  to work on myself and what will propel me forward.  

Savor & Appreciate

Looking inwards has its rewards but it could also be disconcerting. I tell myself to be kind as I decipher my inner thoughts and actions. Viewing it as a growth opportunity, to squarely face the times I found it hard to navigate the challenges that came my way, to find the joy in simple things, to appreciate what I have, to cherish the friendships that are always at hand, the unequivocal love and support that I receive from my family when I need it. In short a mirror to my Life.

As I cast my mind through these thoughts, I came to realize that to stumble is not unusual, it happens all the time. To grow and change through resilience - that is is what separates us from the rest.

Looking on the Bright Side

Moving on from the negatives is easy once you realize that more things have gone right than you initially realize . Hope you did a double take as you absorbed that sentence! This is where writing a  gratitude journal, or taking a realistic tally of the “great” moments in your day or week, afford a true picture. Things fall into place in the best of ways and we need to acknowledge, savor and be grateful. 

As I gear up for the New Year, all these thoughts assimilate my consciousness, bringing both peace and some challenges, knowing I have to continue to work on myself. Improve, recover, enhance, my mind, body and spirit. 2024 beckons. Join me as we cherish the journey within.

We are stronger together


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