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Resetting Our Goals - Realigning Ourselves

With half the year gone by, do we need to set new goals?

Pix Credit: Deb Fong

The resolutions we set at the beginning of this year seem like they belong to another #era. Goals we had targeted for ourselves have evaporated into thin air. Lets take stock and reassess - pause and ponder anew. Is it time to review our personal playbook and realign ourselves?

With July 4th marking an important juncture in our calendar, there is an acute sense of passing time upon us. Independence Day finds much of America reeling from a rocky first half of 2020. Understanding our own metrics might be the most valuable lesson right now.

Ignite your inner fireworks and spotlight your path forward. Shake off the ennui and instead be resolute in finding a new path ahead. Go back to the drawing board and take a second to look and find new meaning in the old resolutions.

Examining our Intentions

Hunkered down at home, most of us are feeling like we are living in a bubble - surrounded by a sense of opacity. Many of us are struggling to find a meaningful routine that is more than eat, work, sleep, repeat. With limited options of leaving home or wandering into the beckoning sunset - we have to delve into the depths of our imagination as well as our emotional quotient to find some motivation, clarity and commitment.

Stepping back from our highly scheduled lives, we have to reclaim a simpler purpose in our daily life. Reach within to seek better ways to live, eat healthy, feel fitter, stay driven and find purpose when everything seems to have gone into a tailspin. With each day bringing more of the unknown and heaps of statistical data we would rather bury in a mental landfill.

Reassess and Re-prioritize

As I begin to re-center my life, I imagine emerging from this Covid Cocoon. I'm picturing my tentative comeback - becoming a brilliant multi-hued butterfly - ready to catch the rays of the sun, shimmering as I flit from flower to flower full of joy, hope and abundance. Unearthing from within my optimism chromosome to feed my soul and give energy to my body.

Curating my life in what feels like "the quarantine diaries" has been a real eye opener for me. I have finally committed to things I have vaguely resolved to do in the past. Lacing up my sneakers and taking a walk every evening around my lush and serene community. Or surrendering myself to mindfulness with a sense of tranquility and calm. Even though I have not joined the rest of the Universe in baking and posting on Instagram, I feel resolute as my family and I are all eating simple, healthy meals - on time and as a unit! That's truly something to treasure and cherish. We swap stories at mealtimes about what to watch online, podcasts to listen to, music and online classes we discover and of course, the enjoyment that comes from reading together to our grand kids via #Facetime.

Other goals I have achieved without them being on my New Year list: I launched my blog (this is post number 10, by the way!) planted my first vegetable garden and committed to a zoom singing group. 2020 will be in my yearbook for personal, positive stewarding.

If I could change the narrative in my own little way, so can you. Thank you, my friends and readers, for being a part of my story.

BECOME the change you want to be. BELIEVE in yourself. ACHIEVE the impossible.

We are stronger together


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