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Self-Accountability: how to stay on track

Smart ways to stay disciplined

Adjust, be accountable

We all have good days and bad days. Times when everything is on point, smooth sailing, on track, goals aligned, leaving us feeling like we are making progress and accomplishing what we need to. Other times, any little thing can derailing the day, leaving us defeated. At a deeper level this conundrum relates to why good intentions fade and motivates wane. Practicing self –accountability is a keystone habit that is challenging for many of us. It is easier to resort to blaming others or surrounding circumstances, when unexpected glitches arise.  Recognizing that we do not live in an ideal world and pitfalls surround us, is essential. Zeroing in and bisecting the genesis of the issue, it is imperative to focus on the things we can control. Understanding the synergy of this complex emotion, we come to the realization that self audit is collaboration at it's purest form. Self –accountability is the ability to discipline oneself, achieve goals, develop and sustain good habits as well as preserve physical and mental health.

Taking ownership of one's actions forms the basic building block of a responsible personality. A self-audit which is multi layered, requiring recalibration and scaling up.

Being aware that our choices have consequences, and reframing the knowledge that long- lasting change comes only from long term effort. Co-existing with this reality is the understanding, that erring is part of the process and that all the steps along the way flex to personal growth. So the work does not culminate here. Instead it begins and ends with investing in oneself.

Outlining the Steps

Setting goals, reviewing them, making promises, sketching a schedule therein begins the framework for holding oneself accountable. Making them as detailed as possible for one's lifestyle forms a sturdy groundwork. When we take responsibility for ourselves and undertake a pledge, we reinforce to be our own advocate, putting self-care to the fore. Urging ourselves down the path of self-advocacy, we garner all the tools we need. Some need visual tools, posts it and posters within view to prop them, for others quotations persuade, keeping them upbeat and buoyant.

I have found that making a personal calendar and outlining the individual goals in specific steps is crucial if I have to succeed. I am task orientated and need a map of my day to get my objectives accomplished. Fitting in meditation, walking, journaling, reading, praying, these tasks would overwhelm me, if I did not have anchor points. Otherwise, I would frittered away my day in mundane tasks. With this comes the clarity that the only thing we can control is our own behavior not the decisions or conducts of others.

Reality Check

Having set everything down – what comes next? A periodic check. So necessary to stay the course. Are we making progress? Do things need to be tweaked? Was I being too ambitious taking on too much? I promised to do my best, but was it feasible? Examining what works for me and what doesn’t? It is an assessing game. Accountability starts with awareness. Evaluating how my efforts are paying off. A reflection of my character and it's triggers. Examining our habits with a critical eye while remembering to practice self-compassion.

Join me, as I am excited about this venture, since I take this productivity commitment seriously, knowing it is a reflection of my own character and the lessons I can learn from this journey. Share your discoveries with me as we uplift each other.

We are stronger together



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