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Self Love to the Rescue

Adopting Self Love to fulfill, adapt and combat anything and everything

Prescription or Remedy

What is self-love? Is it mere narcissism - being so involved in one's self as to be selfish or is it something deeper that we need to adopt that will make us stronger, flexible and resilient to the ever growing challenges we face in the world today? Is it something one can obtain physically via a beauty makeover or don like a new set of clothes? Maybe a new relationship can launch self-love? Simply put the answer is no. Even though all these activities are gratifying and feel good, one can't grow in self-love and that is because self-love isn't inspirational it is aspirational.

Actionable and Unique -It's all about YOU

Surprisingly, self-love is not about reaching a state of feeling good all the time. Instead, it is about getting there. Like many things in life, the journey counts even more than the destination. It sustains itself from an appreciation of ourselves and thrives on the actions we take for our own physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Most of all, self-love is evolving and dynamic.

As we embrace and accept our weaknesses and imperfections, we become stronger and more accepting of ourselves. It is only with compassion towards ourselves that we can find personal meaning and purpose in our own life. It is a goal, not an end with effort bringing its own reward. Compassion brings fulfillment and acceptance of who we are and with this, we begin to find our life's purpose.

There is only one YOU

So how do we get there? We begin by setting boundaries. Self Love begins with the word No. You'll express that you love yourself more when you set limits to the things that matter most, be it work, love, or activities that deplete you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Another step is choosing your circles. Surround yourself with the right people in your life. Don't whittle your time on people who want to take away the illumination that proclaims, "I genuinely love myself and life." This is the only way you will love and respect yourself more.

Learn to be kind and to be forgiving to yourself. When we set high standards we can be hard on others but cruelest on ourselves. Free yourself from this bondage of perfection! We are humans - imperfect, pimpled, scarred, erratic, but lovable, warm, affectionate and capable of great things nonetheless. Failures are just a detour to learning and growing - something we forget all the time.

Finally, I am still learning the hardest lesson of all to accept and love myself more, despite whatever happens in my life by living a life of purpose and design. Above all to commit to a meaningful and healthy life in every aspect be it physical, mental or emotional; to undertake decisions that support my cause. By doing so I find myself on a path to accomplishing so much more than I thought possible. It is never too late, as I have discovered.

I wonder, as my fellow companions, if you agree the more self-love you have for yourself, the more you attract people and circumstances that support your well-being.

We are stronger together


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