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Sisterhood: The Bond that is Transformative & transcends all Barriers

Empowering one another

Sisterhood is a unique bond special to women. Going beyond family ties, genes and geography, it connects the female species through their shared experiences, dreams, beliefs and ideologies. In the shifting social sands of today’s world it helps to build robust relationships. Constructing communities upheld by positivity, allied purposes and combined equity. Emitting energies exchanged by these interactions which are glorious, positive and buoyant. As we study it in historical context, it is not surprising to learn that it is only in recent decades that women have come forth openly to express themselves, execute their choices boldly, supporting one another to demand change.

Propelled by a strong sense of kinship, sisterhood allows us women to open ourselves to unique encounters despite diverse perspectives. It is a whole new world out there, with fewer boundaries of race, ethnicity, age or social class stopping us from bonding as one community.  Women have been empowered to fight for equal rights, better working conditions, voting, health issues and ending violence against themselves. Today sisterhood is much more. The call now is to create a sense of unity, solidarity and empowerment – long seen as a common human requisite.

Building a Community through Trust

Often it is easy to box women into clichés as being competitive, jealous and destructive of one another. This may be true for immature and insecure female species who have yet to find their firm footing.  Some of us have been hurt in the past by close relationships, stung by having our trust broken, clouded by these experiences. It is time to shake off these notions and embrace open mindedness and step forward to build more nurturing connections.

In recent months I have personally experienced this when I immersed myself in a high school reunion overseas, reuniting with my friends from childhood. The visit was like reaching into the warmest, most precious part of my heart and being bathed by sunshine. I was surrounded by unconditional acceptance, embraced by a shared sisterhood. Swapping stories about school, teachers and our life back then, I was swept away in a sea of sincere memories that harked back to simpler times. A time when each of us were finding our own voices. As we sat across from one another in the present moment in our contemporary Avatar as mature women, having faced the challenges of Life and times, our pasts were synchronized.  We laughed, we shared, we stirred up old classroom memories, as we broke bread and recreated new bonds. I came away renewed and invigorated, filled with fresh energy, feeling more rooted as person and buoyed by the support and camaraderie of sisterhood.

Nurturing the idea of a group of women who will support, uplift one another is wonderfully liberating. It means having someone show up for you consistently and unconditionally, supporting you in your hour of need, holding your hand or laughing with you. Similar to having access to an endless treasure chest. Sisterhood can be that special, that encompassing, so stimulating and motivating.

Being part of a community matters. When we are overwhelmed, facing tough life situations, these bonds can afford us the strength to face the situation. Support from sisterhood provides a sense of sustenance and understanding. We can lean on each other and learn from one another’s struggles as we continue to gain insight and power. With the gift of sisterhood to show us the path, we can battle mental health issues, workplace shenanigans, family pressures and social stresses. Sisterhood has been traditionally involved with cisgender women, but now the concept is ever evolving to become more inclusive of all gender identities.

I hope this touches a cord with you, how bonds are crucial to sustain. It is also a key component of strong mental health and allows us to collaborate and understand diverse perspectives. Let’s us reach out and support one another.


We are stronger together

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Mala Khanna
Mala Khanna
Jun 27

So well written, Lalita,words coming deep from the heart, it was a pleasure reading it!!

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