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Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

When the world around is spinning how do we center ourselves?

Crumble and Rebuild

Many of us dived into 2021 with renewed hope and enthusiasm, invigorated with the promise that lay ahead. Buoyed by scientific endeavor, promise of change and stability, we forged ahead with thoughts of personal and professional goals at the start of the new year.

But the utter turmoil and anarchy this past week has shaken and saddened us to the core, divided us even further. The world as we know it, that sustains and supports us lay shattered and with this comes our own inner agitation and questioning. How do we stay positive when the macrocosm around is falling apart? This unpredictability can be debilitating. What should our next steps be?

Contrary to our initial instincts we should not hunker down or isolate ourselves. Our ability to collaborate, be more inclusive and forward thinking is what will propel us further. As a team of like-minded members, we can forge ahead in incremental steps to reinforce positive change. This will create the scaffolding that will allow us to scale upwards and onwards.

Riding the Wave of Change

We have to trust that the institutions that have been in place for hundreds of years will rise and find their true place in history, larger than the singular individuals who have tried to smear them. Our task is to face the change, prove ourselves to be worthy and able to cope with uncertainty in a way that’s not paralyzing. Living in these tumultuous times reminds us of the military acronym VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. But the good in us must rise to the top and shine through. Let us affirm our positive thoughts, banish our irrational fears and turn on self awareness. We have the tools, let us just exercise them.

Make a Plan

Controlling the chaos is where we can make a beginning, so lets start with ourselves . Make a plan. Jot it down, outline it, follow it through and start gathering the elements that can make it work. Slowly we will find ourselves infused with new found energy, the hours filled with purpose with no time to be idle. A self charging impetus follows the plan. Widening the circle, let's not be afraid to ask for help. Friends can be both the crutch and the support that will bring the plan into play. Let's lean on each other. Form allies. Soon the bonds will grow, strengthen and widen. The ripple effect that reaches far and beyond.

Adversity will be our turning point, our true teacher. We will stumble, fail, cry but always recover. Facing up to the reality that is there is no perfect life, let us realize instead that obstacles are opportunities. Our chance to be resilient, adaptable, flexible and irrepressible. Let's believe and keep our faith. That will be our true motivation, our unique mantra, so powerful that it will create the reality that will manifest the very things we seek be it peace, stability, prosperity or love.

We are stronger together


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