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Stepping out of comfort zones - A springboard for new experiences

Adopting a different approach to achieve some amazing results

Breaking the monotony

As the world is slowly turning on a dime, we are in the epicenter of a insidious change that is slowly edging us out of our comfort zone. With vaccines rolling out and other changes on the horizon, we are not at the end of the pandemic but the “messy middle,” a phrase I first heard from Harvard Business School’s Rosabeth Moss Kante. This messy middle is challenging and since 2021 is not going to be anything close to normal, we will all have to grapple with moving out of our comfort zone.

After initially being overwhelmed by the pandemic, we outpaced it by changing the way we worked, shopped, educated our children and socialized. Now there is a new anxiety, as we recognize that successful habits eventually lose their usefulness as events change the world and fresh responses are called for.

Growing your Knowledge

Routines are comforting. But the pandemic shook us to the core and taught us new ways to gain fresh perspective on how to deal with challenges that come our way. Shake ups in our routine help us grow our knowledge and move us out of our comfort zone. I found myself facing my fears squarely and once I did, I was astonished to discover that these very things have the greatest potential to expand my life. As I overcame my angst, it has become much easier to take nothing for granted, give up control and feel liberated. I know this sounds contradictory but it has been the most logical and magical unfolding. Once I freed my mind, endless possibilities lay before me and closed doors began to open, I began to grow into myself.

Crazy Chances, Big Rewards

Our personal boundaries define us as well as confine us. They form a secure bubble that keep us from adventure, creative exploration and really putting ourselves out there. Stepping forth is partaking in experiences without hesitation or question. Even as you wonder why it is important, you realize it will contribute to great personal growth. We cannot fathom what we are capable of until we test ourselves and step out of our safety net. How tantalizing is that thought? Take a small step and a big leap of faith but don't miss the opportunity to test your limits as you experiment with something new.

Identify little things that make you uncomfortable and challenge yourself: Maybe travel alone, go to lunch by yourself, volunteer to give a speech or steer a committee, stand up to that co-worker who always provokes you, take up a class by yourself, practicing Saying NO, become a mentor, the list of possibilities is endless. And the rewards can be BIG.

After a life changing event I was forced to evaluate my life and realized that I should take nothing for granted. Therein began my venture out of my comfort zone. A little late but the rewards were equally fulsome. I learned to slow down and let go. I also discovered that when you face your own truth, you find that it is not as bad or fearful because you have come out stronger at the end of battling your fears - so wear your scars with pride.

I hope many of you will have the courage and grace to share your stories with me - we can be stronger together. I am secure for having coming out of the shadows.

We are stronger together


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