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Virtual Vacations -Pack Your bags and Stay Home

Battling Cabin Fever from the safety of our home

Bitten by the travel bug and nowhere to go

Vacations are being carried over or lost in the black hole of HR algorithms. Patience is running thin and almost everyone is running on empty. Our worlds have shrunk to grocery lists, vaccine information, juggling work hours and salutations that include stay safe!

It is no wonder that we are all looking to escape our home and take a vacation. But wait, reality causes us to pause when we realize we inhabit a Covid world where traditional family vacations are not an option.

This has spawned a new breed of "travel potatoes" who are not just browsing on their devices but actually "booking" virtual vacations. There is no need to figure out what to pack, travel logistics, airline travel or transportation details. Instead, it is a fun trip at home, exploring your favorite city in the world, walking down the corridors of a museum or even an adventure through Disney land. Beach lovers and backpackers can pick their own options and many who prefer found webcam-travel relaxing, especially when the subject was nature and wildlife saying “It makes me feel calm and relaxed when I’m stressed or feeling anxious.”

The new Avatar of Armchair travel

Webcams, VR headsets, and such have changed the world of armchair travel and offer unlimited access to the portals of the outside world. The benefits of holidays are well known, a break from everyday routine, positive impact on mental wellbeing and the life-changing experience of the physical act of travelling to new places and cultures.

As we deep dive into so many aspects of our changed circumstances during Covid times, we have come to understand that in the immediate future these virtual experiences are helping fill the gap until it is safe to venture out into the world.

Not limited to sightseeing

Virtual trips also offer opportunities for people to engage in countless experiences. This is priceless and can be as uplifting as going on an actual trip. Online wine tours, learning the secrets of making pasta, perfecting the art of dessert making or dishing up a tapas or even a workout with a celebrity trainer, tips to make cocktail mixers, signing up for craft lessons, the list is endless.

Apparently many are choosing to host game nights and theme nights around virtual vacations, seems the possibilities are as endless as they are interesting. Some are gifting experiences to one another on special occasions, planning it just as one would an actual trip. These choices allow people the luxury of momentarily escaping the monotony of everyday existence as well as adapting to the current restrictions. It also gives them the opportunity of refreshing their mind and soul, while still being physically confined and staying safe.

As you thumb through and indulge in your virtual vacation, are you making a list of places you would like to go to next? What is on your bucket list? Is it an exotic location or your favorite destination where the family can gather and collectively rejuvenate their spirit and soul? Do share if you feel the urge to pack your bags at the first sign of return to normalcy or does the thought of travel scare you? Speaking for myself, I am both excited and nervous at the thought of a vacation and am waiting for a sign from the Universe that it is safe for me to venture out with my family.

We are stronger together


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